To fully understand and appreciate where The Grove is today, it is important to share some historical information about the subdivision’s original developer.

Benchmark Homes, Inc. was the original developer of The Grove who started building homes in The Grove in 2000.  In 2006, after the passing of Jack Czerwinski, Benchmark’s president and founder, Benchmark Homes declared bankruptcy.   The bankruptcy had a cascading adverse impact on lenders, contractors, subcontractors as well as current and prospective residents of Benchmark properties, including The Grove.

Fortunately, The Grove was sufficiently built-out at the time of the bankruptcy and located in a very desirable West Omaha location. Thus, in June 2006, Tom Falcone and a group of builders came together and purchased both The Grove and The Villas at The Grove.  The Villas at The Grove have a separate association and are not part of The Grove HOA and this website.

 The Grove HOA was incorporated in 2000 and from that date until August of 2010, the association was under the control of the Czerwinski family.  In 2010, control of The Grove HOA was transitioned to Tom Falcone with the appointment of an interim board and the first annual meeting was held on 8/26/2010 with the election of a permanent board, and the approval of a budget for 2010. 

The second annual meeting of The Grove HOA was held in January of 2011, were members of the board were re-elected, a budget for 2011 approved and goals for 2011 were discussed.  The Board of The Grove meets on a regular basis and felt the establishment of a website was a great way to disseminate information to its members.

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