If you have questions or concerns about the Grove, please do not leave a message on this website because it is not regularly monitored. Instead, please contact one of the individuals below:

HOA Board:
*Eric Bauer // 2018 President of the Association // ebauer@npdodge.com
*Scott Wedergren // 2018 Treasurer of the Association // scott.wedergren@firstsavingsbank.com
*Ray Filipowicz // 2018 Secretary of the Association // rfili@cox.net
*Adam Flanagan, 2018 Director // aflanagan@kuehlcapital.com
*Dwayne R Meyer // 2018 Director // meyerdr@teamtsp.com

HOA Attorney:
John M. Prososki // attorney hired by the Association to assist with
operations and legal issues related to the Association // JPrososki@ddlawgroup.com

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Who do I contact to look at all actual expenditures of the Grove?

John M. Prososki
Attorney At Law
Dvorak Law Group
9500 West Dodge Road
Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68114
O: 402.991.7149
C: 402.880.3916

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Grove Annual Meeting Notices

Notice of Annual Meeting 2016

Notice of Annual Meeting 2017

Notice of Annual Meeting 2018

Notice of Annual Meeting 2019

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Grove HOA Budgets

Grove Budget – 2016
Grove Budget – 2017
Grove Budget – 2018
Grove Budget – 2019

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This is a link to the Grove HOA Annual Meeting minutes for 2.22.17

Minutes to 2.22.17 Grove HOA Annual Meeting

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This is a link to the Grove HOA meeting minutes for 5.9.2016

Click here to Download

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This is a link to the Grove HOA meeting minutes for 7.21.15

Minutes to 7.21.15 Grove HOA Meeting

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What To Do With Your Things After the Garage Sale?

So our annual Garage sale is this weekend, but what if you don’t sell everything?

After your garage sales this weekend if anyone wanted to donate the clothing, shoes, bedding that didn’t sell Pat and his baseball team – Kingswood Baseball will come and pick it up.  It’s still a tax deductible donation for you (just like taking to goodwill) and it saves you a trip!  His team makes a few dollars by collecting the clothing and providing it to a local company who uses it for their business.

If you would be interested in helping Pat please call him at 402-960-5480 for pick up.

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Updated Grove HOA Covenant Letter

We have just released a new HOA Covenant Letter for June 2012 that will be delivered to all residents. If you would like a digital copy, then please click below to download your copy.

The Grove HOA Covenant Letter June 2012

Dear Property Owner of The Grove and Builders Building in The Grove: 

The Board wishes to remind property owners and Builders of the restrictive covenants applicable to all lots in The Grove.  The covenants were adopted for the purpose of protecting our property values and ensuring that The Grove remains a pleasant and desirable community, so it is in the interest of all of us to make certain that the covenants are honored. 

Now that the Association is up and running, the Board is active in enforcement of the covenants for the common benefit of all property owners of The Grove, and will consider referring existing and future covenant violations to the Association’s attorney for appropriate enforcement action.  A Covenant and Architectural committee has been formed to assist the Board with that enforcement. 

The covenants contain a number of restrictions of which all property owners should be aware.  A few of the key provisions are summarized below.   

1. Exterior House Paint Colors.  Only exterior colors of certain earth-tone hues will be acceptable. 

2. Fences.  Natural wood cedar board-on-board fences, six feet in height, are the only fences allowed unless other fencing materials are approved in a particular case. Building permits are required prior to having a fence installed.  

3. Sheds.  No storage sheds or playhouses are allowed. 

4. Swimming Pools.  No swimming pools which extend more than one foot above ground are allowed. 

5. Clotheslines.  No exterior clotheslines are allowed unless completely screened from view in an enclosed patio area. 

6. Signs.  No signs, banners, or similar displays are allowed except for standard “for sale” signs. 

7. Business Activities.  No business activities are permitted to be conducted from properties located in The Grove. 

8. Garbage Cans.  No garbage cans may be left outside except as necessary for pick-up at the designated times. 

9. Campers and Boats.  No campers, mobile homes, trailers, boats or similar vehicles may be stored on any lot for more than twenty calendar days during the year. 

10. Vehicles.  Only vehicles regularly driven by persons residing at a lot may be parked outside.  No commercial grading or excavating equipment, tractors, semi tractors/trailers, or other vehicles inappropriate for the neighborhood may be stored on a lot.  No extended vehicle repair projects may be undertaken on a lot. 

11. Lawn Maintenance.  All vegetation and landscaping on a lot must be kept in good condition.  Vegetation on vacant lots must not exceed twenty-four inches in height.  No mowers or other equipment may be kept outside except when in use unless the equipment is completely screened from view. 

12. Waste/Refuse.  No yard waste, refuse, or other debris may be dumped on vacant lots, nor may any such material be stored on any other lot. 

13. Architectural Approval.  Before undertaking any construction project, painting or re- painting involving the exterior of a home, plans must be submitted to the Association for approval, and the project may not proceed without obtaining the Association’s approval. 

If you should have a concern or know of a violation, we have found that by contacting your neighbor about the violation that it can be resolved face-to-face and resolved quickly.  If you do not have a copy of the covenants, you may visit www.thegroveelkhorn.com – The Grove website, for a copy or request one from Gloria Osborn, by e-mailing her at gloriasmo@cox.net. 

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation.  Please feel free to contact a member of the Board if you have any questions regarding the covenants. 

      Sincerely yours, 

      The Grove Homeowners Association
      Board of Directors 


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MOMS Club in Elkhorn

That would be great if you could post our information as a post.  Below is a little write up about our group.
The MOMS Club is a support group just for you, the stay-at-home mom of today. We are…
  • An non-profit organization for moms who stay home to raise their children or who work part-time.
  • A group that understands your choice of at-home mothering.
  • A wonderful way for you to meet other stay-at-home moms and a fun way for your child(ren) to meet other at-home children.

The MOMS Club offers a variety of activities to choose from.

-Informational speakers
-Field trips and tours
-MOMS night outs
-Service projects

Find out more information at
Or email us at elkhornmomsclub@yahoo.com


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